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Preliminary Consultation is mandatory for new clients.
This is an introductory meeting to allow El.Co. to become more familiar with the clients brand. The client will speak to the background of brand to help identify values and useable themes. At this time, the client can share any goals or visions for their brand to be achieved through strategy/content. This process includes Social Media Audit fee.

Brand Startup & Positioning

Marketing/ Advertising Strategy & Content Development

Brand Image Coordination

We will evaluate mission/purpose of client brand and the brand’s selected target audience to ensure proper positioning when selecting channels of communication for the client brand.
During this time, we will recommend platforms to use for best access to audience as well as profile thematics for the brand for usage on said platforms.
We Develop marketing or advertising campaigns to help promote the client brand on social channels. The final product is a recommended plan of execution with sample materials for the client brand.
We construct and maintain client brand image or persona to create deeper engagement with audiences; this service is designed for clients who want their brand to exude the “full package”. El.Co will plan and implement a content schedule along with marketing strategy to best engage with a brand’s audience. Brand Image Coordination grants permission for social media operation of Client brand to Elanaé Consulting to ensure proper execution of brand image planning. This service works to improve customer relations by incorporating different kinds of branded incentives to stimulate engagement.
Direct Social Content Management
El.CO will plan, create and post social media content according to a designated schedule that has been developed with the client’s input. We step in to fulfill our strategy for your brand to ensure proper implementation. This does grant El.Co temporary access to your brand owned media during the length of the strategic campaign period.

Website Management

El.Co will provide recommendations for website modifications to appeal to a clients desired target audience. Once transitional plans are in place, El.Co will complete the modification. *(Service can be bundled)
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